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5 Color Paired Beautifully with Blue Decorations

5 Color Paired Beautifully with Blue Decorations

The blue color is said to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, trust, and intelligence. It is also rumored to produce a calming effect and even slow down human metabolism. While I would like to see evidence from the latter, one cannot deny that hue is just a beautiful, versatile choice for home decoration.

Depending on the shade, blue can look brave and energetic, calm and serene, or moody and evocative. But the best part about cool hues is its beautiful partner with a variety of other colors. Whether your decorating style is casual and beachy, modern, or evokes old world charm, there are color combinations for you. Up front, 15 ways to style are arguably the most versatile colors on the spectrum. Feeling sad? We also!

1. Lapis + Tangerine

Because they land directly opposite each other on the traditional color wheel, each orange and blue is a complementary natural color. We especially liked how bright the brighter nuance made this room look.

2. Navy + Grey

Although dark blue and dark gray and moody, this room feels very bright and airy. Windy scenes coming from full-sized wall murals can feel busy, so lighten the white bed and bright blue pop.

3. Cobalt Blue + Forest Green

All colors have cool or warm tones. After you set the tone, pairing it with a temperature like that will always produce a harmonious color combination. In this case, blue and green both share cold tones, so they go together like a dream.

4. Peacock + Honey

In line with the drag-and-pull rule, yellow is close to orange on the color wheel, so it corresponds to blue. It also helps to have neutral pieces in the room to balance the color burst.

5. Turquoise + Rosewood

Turquoise and rosewood are the two colors that are more commonly found in nature together, which means they are paired like a dream. Think: New Mexico or Persia. This bedroom combines both nuances in a way that exudes old world charm in the best way.